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Welcome to the Carnival Amusements hints and ideas for the running of a successful Fete. Fetes are not only festive and fun occasions but also major fundraising events. Organising a Fete can be lots of fun and very rewarding as well as raising much needed funds for your school or local community group.

As parents, we've been involved with our own local primary school and high schools in co-ordinating and organising our Fetes and Family Fun events. We have been   involved with School Fetes/Community Events through our amusement business for many years and have been able to see many successful and well organised events.

In the following pages we are happy to pass on as much information as we know, that may be of assistance to your Organising Committee. Should you have any ideas or information that may help other Schools or Community Groups with their  event,  please feel free to e-mail us and we will include it on this site.


Mike and Michelle Marinovich




Organising a Fete can take between 3 months to a year. The success of a Fete is an active and enthusiastic Committee who in turn encourage and inspire the school members or group to contribute. Regular meetings are important for planning, allocating tasks and reviewing the progress. It is also a good time to share any ideas and skills with the rest of the group.



No fair would be complete without a CRAFT STALL.  Start planning  your stall as early as possible.  Even organise craft mornings involving school parents to make a host of different items.   Organise a storage area for completed crafts.  Pricing should reflect the cost and work gone into making an item, but still a little below retail prices.  Label and price each item clearly.  Decorating the stall is important.  Baskets for small items are wonderful.  Don't crowd the stall and keep extras in boxes under the counter.  Go to other fetes and see what is selling well.  Ideas for Crafts are Pot Pourrie Bags, Marble Bags, Plastic Bag Holders, Magnets, Crochet Kitchen Towel Holders, Scrunchies, Trimmed Bears, Juggling Balls, Library Bags, Sprouting Heads, Embroidered Towels, Coathangers,  Heat Packs, Painted Candles, Painted Boxes.   These are just a few, there are 1,000's of wonderful items.

Christmas/Easter Crafts are always very popular (depending on the  time of year your fete is held).  Popular ideas I've seen are bread dough ornaments, Christmas Stockings (all sizes), Christmas Wreaths,  Mini puddings and home made chocolates.

Fairy Crafts never seem to fail.  Decorate the stall with fairy lights.  Popular items are Fairy Wands, Fairy Stones, Fairy Dust, Pencils with cherubs, Fairy Costumes.  I've also seen glitter nail painting and face painting combined with this stall, which seemed to work very well.

Food is always very popular at any fete.  Set up stalls close to each other. Make sure you have suitable food warming facilities.   Nobody likes cold  food!!!  Make sure each stall is well signposted so that people know what they are getting.  Popular food items, Hamburgers, Chips, Italian food, Chinese food, Hot Beef rolls. 

Devonshire teas are convenient, quick and easy.  Everyone always  works up an appetite walking around all the stalls.  People like to have somewhere to sit and nothing is nicer than tea and scones on an afternoon fete day.   Choose food which is simple to cook and eat. Undercater rather than overcater.  If you do have food left at the end of the day sell it cheaply.   Keep the stall clean and maintain good standard of hygiene when handling food.   Use large banners to attract attention.  Keep cold drinks in a portable cooler or fridge.

Gourmet food stall should offer a range of interesting produce.Marmalades, Jams, Herbed Oils and Vinegars, Pickles, Relishes and Sauces.   Make sure all jars are sterilised beforehand.  Organise a group of gourmet chefs giving them recipes and ingredients; instructions for bottling and packaging; where to store; and any tips that will help with making preserves.  This stall looks great in a country theme (dark green fabric/calico).  Lots of baskets with herbs etc.   Cover tops of jars with floral or gingham fabrics.  Label and price clearly.

Lolly stalls are a must and SO healthy!  Baskets can be made out of the bottom of milk containers or 1.5ltr drink bottles.  Lolly kebabs sell well also Fairy Floss, Toffee Apples. 

Cakes stalls can be made up of Cakes, Slices and Biscuits.   Its a traditional fete stall and has stood the test of time.

Ask people to donate books.  Sell them for bargain prices.   Bundle 5 books together with string and make sure the bundles have a theme - romance, sci-fi, westerns, kids etc.  I've seen were a book stall was combined with a puzzle/games stalls and that seemed to go very well also.

A plant stall needs early planning to be a success.  Include pot-pourri and herbs for variety.  Flowering plants are very popular.  Ask for donations of seeds, bulbs, potting mix and small pots.  Try to have plants for sale at eye level.  Don't crowd them.  2 weeks before, have a meeting to arrange transport of plants, signs, naming of plants, labels and pricing.

I've seen lots of White Elephant stalls, sometimes they go well, sometimes not.  You do get a lot of junk donated which involves a lot of sorting out beforehand.  However if you have a good committee, this stall can be an absolute hit.   Everything is donated so it can be a very good fundraiser.

Other Ideas that the school can set up:

 Outside Entertainment to Add to your fair

The above information are only suggestions.  You are welcome to change them in any way to suit your fetes needs. Carnival Amusements does not accept responsibility for any ideas used.

Wishing you a rewarding and successful fete.